Wasting Time

What do you think I spend the most time doing on my phone? 

If you answered scrolling through social media, you’re not completely wrong. I do need to spend less time on FB and Instagram. 

But the answer is… looking for houses on Apps like Zillow and Realtor. 

I’m a sucker for old houses. The kind with fireplaces in every room, beautiful staircases, unique fixtures, and clawfoot tubs. I love all things old, including music. Lauren Daigle is my favorite station on Pandora, but Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Louis Armstrong are also frequently played. Ryan always tells me I was born in the wrong time period. Good thing I wasn’t, because we wouldn’t be married. 😉

I always feel guilty when I receive my weekly screen time report. The moment RJ goes down for a nap or falls asleep for the night, I have a tendency to pick up my phone and start scrolling. If you live in the Houston County area, you are fully aware we don’t have a lot of homes that fit my criteria. So I search surrounding counties, just so I can see what’s out there. I almost had Ryan convinced to move 45 minutes from Warner Robins, until we took a closer look at the pictures of the house. It looked like a scary woman was staring at us through the upstairs window. Nope, not having it.

You would think I would have stopped searching for old, creepy houses. But then Ryan asked me, “Why don’t we just build a house that looks old?” So then the search for land started. 

I wrote about contentment in my last blog post. Content is what I want to be. On the way to my parents house this week, RJ said, “Mama, I want all these houses to look like our house.” I asked him, “Why baby?” He answered, “Because our house is perfect.” 

If that doesn’t teach me that I should be content with what God has blessed me with in my current season, I don’t know what else will. 

I’m not saying I can’t look forward to moving into our “forever home.” I just think I need to be more focused on my real forever home in heaven. Instead of wasting my time searching for a new house or land, I want to use this time to build up God’s kingdom and grow in my relationship with Him.

What is one thing you are currently doing that you know you should stop or do less of? 

If you feel like you don’t have any free time to waste, what is something you need to take off your plate that you know God has not called you to do? If you don’t know, pray for discernment and ask God to reveal to you whatever it is. One of the enemy’s evil tactics is to keep us busy. So busy that we don’t spend time with God. Don’t fall into his trap. 

What we do with our time is precious. Instead of filling up our schedules with worldly things, my hope is that we spend more time growing in our relationship with God. He is the only one that can truly fill us up.

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