Exciting News | A Teacher Planner

I just launched an online planner and journal store called Vine Planner! The very first planner is a teacher edition! 

The roots of Vine Planner started growing back in 2013. I was a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University and just accepted my first teaching job at a middle school in Houston County, Georgia. I was so excited and nervous! I couldn’t wait to start planning for the upcoming school year.

As I was browsing aisles of different stores and popular planner websites, I noticed a trend. I could either choose a planner tailored to teachers or choose a planner that included God’s Word. I wasn’t able to find a planner that included both. I knew one day I wanted to change that.

I never got around to watering the roots until the world changed in 2020. My role as teacher has shifted from Mrs. Reid to Mama Reid. I am now blessed to have the opportunity to be a homeschool mom to my precious son, RJ. 2020 was a challenging year, but it also brought joy. My husband, Ryan, and I welcomed our second baby boy, Luke, into the world. It was also the year God put on my heart to pick up my watering can. 

I knew the first planner I wanted to create was a teacher planner. This planner is dedicated to my Grandma, Esther Carver, who taught for 30 1/2 years in Savannah, Georgia. And even though she has moved to her heavenly home, this one is for her. 

My prayer is that this planner reminds teachers of God’s promises and encourages them to abide in Jesus daily. The planner is filled with God’s Word. Each month includes a word of encouragement, a place to write down scriptures of the month, and a page to write down prayers and praises!

You can view more pictures and details on my website: http://www.vineplanner.com. Stay tuned for more product launches including: a wedding planner, yearly planners, bible study journals and prayer journals!

This is my first product launch, so I am only printing the amount of planners purchased in the pre-order. The pre-order will end on June 10th and planners will be shipped in July. 

It would mean SO much to me if you could share with your teacher friends! 

If you are a teacher, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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