Printables & Women’s Bible Study Groups

This blog post includes a link to a few of the free printables that I have created. I will be adding more to my website that are related to health and wellness, meal planning, cleaning checklists, and monthly finances.  One of the printables included is the Bible reading log that is in the Abide Edition [...]

Exciting News | A Teacher Planner

I just launched an online planner and journal store called Vine Planner! The very first planner is a teacher edition!  The roots of Vine Planner started growing back in 2013. I was a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University and just accepted my first teaching job at a middle school in Houston County, Georgia. I was [...]

Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

I honestly never wanted to write about this because it reveals something that once caused my faith to waver. Now that we are in the midst of something that causes anxiety and fear to creep in, I know I need to share my story. God reminded me that my testimony is important. It is meant [...]

Daily Devotion

I’m on day 25 of a new workout program called Morning Meltdown 100. I’m loving the workouts and the “Be 100” journal that I’m able to track my progress and commitment in. This week a page in the journal was dedicated to completing a pie chart displaying how I prioritize my time. It helped me [...]

Replace Worry With Gratitude

Ryan and I traveled to Atlanta a few weeks ago. We took separate cars because RJ and I had plans for a mommy and son weekend while Ryan filmed weddings.  My car started acting funny on our way to the hotel near the second venue. Pedal to the metal, my car would only get up [...]

Wasting Time

What do you think I spend the most time doing on my phone?  If you answered scrolling through social media, you’re not completely wrong. I do need to spend less time on FB and Instagram.  But the answer is... looking for houses on Apps like Zillow and Realtor.  I’m a sucker for old houses. The [...]